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  1. A given name , diminutive of Natasha
  2. A given name, diminutive of Nathaniel and Nathan.

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distinguish Gnat Nat or NAT may refer to:
  • Nat (rapper), born Sheldon Martinez Davis, also known as Natalac or The Original Step Daddy
  • Nat Friedman, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer for Open Source at Novell
  • Nat Goldhaber, Internet entrepreneur and longtime associate the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  • Nat King Cole, popular American singer & musician during the 1950's
  • Nat Turner, aka Nat, early Black American revolutionary
  • Nat Wolff, lead singer for the TV series The Naked Brothers Band
  • Nat Sakdatorn, Thai singer-songwriter
"Nat" may be a diminutive for:
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